iPad training for mobile salesforce with Peggy Duncan
iPad for a Mobile Salesforce: Always Be Selling and Closing

Put us together with your end users/subject matter experts to develop training that sticks to what they need to know. Then combine that with our tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will make work easier.

Organized Selling

Instead of sticky notes everywhere, cranking work out on a phone, 2 or 3 notes in 2 or 3 legal pads, put it all in iPad and in the Cloud.

Showcase Your Solutions

Lighten the load and modernize your approach. Instead of hauling samples or catalogs in and out of airplanes or cars, take them with you on iPad, and present with audio, HD video, and 3D if you want to.

Use Every Minute

Five minutes here, ten minutes there. With iPad’s instant-on capability, stay in touch with a colleague, conduct solid┬áresearch on a new client between meetings, find out who else is in your area and how to get there, or simply order lunch.

Meet and Connect on the Fly

Log leads on the tradeshow floor, manage new and existing contacts, and access your web-based CRM app.

Accept Payment on the Spot

Oh yes, catch them before they change their minds. Using Square, PayPal Here, etc., swipe that card and close the deal.

And So Much More!

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