Put Your iPad to Work at Work

Training for People Who Want to Know,
but Don’t Have Time to Learn

Your iPad is a time-saving productivity tool for people on the go. It’s more than a gadget to watch movies or hang out on Facebook.

Beyond the Basics, More-Than-a-Toy Training

Do you need training? You might not think you do because you’ve seen little kids playing on the iPad. You tapped when you got yours and started to play. Perhaps you checked email with the native app and watched a video online.

But if you want to be productive without a laptop, you’ll need to dig deeper.

You have to work as if you don’t have a second to spare. To stay productive on the go with the iPad, you’ll want to get as close as possible to how you work on a computer. The more tips, tricks, and shortcuts you use every day, the quicker you’ll get things done anywhere and anytime. Whether you need to monitor your cash flow, give a presentation, streamline the sales process, monitor a patient’s vitals, or check email, it’s all there in your hand on iPad. Put it to work!

Focusing on shortcuts and apps for tapping your way through piles of work so you can finish quicker, anywhere and anytime. Sound good?

We’ve spent countless hours learning how to put the iPad to work, but you won’t have to. You’ll deepen your knowledge with a shorter learning curve by learning tips, tricks, and shortcuts with an expert.

When we ask people why they don’t invest in training, they’re too busy and just can’t find the time. They also say they’re doing just fine doing what they need to do. The problem with that kind of logic is this:

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

Wouldn’t It Be Better to Make Work

Easier and Finish Quicker?

iPad Training with Personal Productivity Expert, Peggy DuncanDo you want to save time, reduce frustration, and relax more? Who wouldn’t? We’ve spent hours and hours learning the iPad so you won’t have to. We’ll customize what you’ll want to know to get your particular job done, and we’ll show your team the best way to do it with the least effort.

Now ask yourself: What do I want to have more time to do? Whether you’re new to the iPad or have been using it for years, this training will help you get to that.

And with an engaging, entertaining, and knowledgeable trainer, you will:

  • Explore Settings commands you have unfortunately ignored.
  • Determine what needs to get done and get the app to make it easy.
  • Organize an on-the-go toolkit of iStuff built for mobile productivity.
  • Capture and organize notes and photos and file them for cloud access.
  • Create and edit documents using tap, swipe, and flick shortcuts.
  • Explore the Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Sync and bookmark the Safari browser and navigate with ease.

You’ve invested in the technology; now it’s time to learn how to work it!

Contact Peggy Duncan directly to find out how she can help you, whether it’s a seminar, hands-on workshop, Webinar, individual coaching via SKYPE, or conference session. We also offer a Train the Trainer option.

“When I purchased my iPad, I thought I’d just use it to read ebooks, watch movies, monitor email, and hang out on Facebook. Boy was I wrong! Once I started digging, I kept learning more. Then I wanted to know everything!

But not to worry. I’ll just focus on showing you how to tap your way through piles of work with only the shortcuts you’ll need.

As I was learning, my goal was to be able to work on my iPad as efficiently as on my laptop…at least when I’m on the go, which is a lot. I examined how I work on my laptop and set out on a mission to get as close to that as I could on my iPad, including using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Contact me today for more information or to get the help you need!”  – Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert and Lead Trainer

Choose the Knowing Format
that Works for You

iPad training with Peggy Duncan, personal productivity expertIn a seminar or Webinar, you’ll follow along with Peggy and ask questions about anything that’s unclear. If it’s a hands-on workshop or an individual lesson in person or on SKYPE, you’ll be on your own iPad and put it to work. Training may be customized to fit your needs.

Bring This Training to Your Site

Any training you bring to your site is customized to fit your needs and to ensure you reap the desired benefits.


Have your subject matter experts (end users) brainstorm with our team to develop customized solutions to your main challenges. We don’t want to waste your time on information employees don’t need.


Which day and time of year work best for you? When is the best time: morning, noon, night? How long should the training last? Which location makes the most sense? It’s your choice.


When the trainer comes to you, per attendee, you’ll realize significant savings by eliminating employee travel and time out of the office.

Want Customized Training? We’ll Brainstorm With Your Subject Matter Experts / End Users to Develop Customized Training They Can Use Immediately!

Salesforce, meeting professionals, healthcare workers, educators, hoteliers, and more. Put our knowledge of the iPad with someone who knows your business and this training is guaranteed to make your organization run more efficiently while generating more revenue.

Customized iPad Training with Peggy Duncan, brainstorming with your team

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